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My trading career goes back 20 years to the days long before internet trading was popular, when traders relied on many important and vital instincts now lacking in many of the market participants I see today.

I specialize in assisting traders who are experiencing constant losing trade results, trading stagnation or are stuck in a “break even syndrome”.

Being in one of these stages of trading can be very debilitating and even depressing …especially when the bills are coming due at home.

I have assisted thousands of traders through my live seminars, webinars and daily communications over the last 10 years. That’s longer than 90% of the trading services out there today have even been around and I know I can assist you to if you pay clear attention to what I am going to say.

If you want to start winning at Day Trading you you need to know 3 key important things:

1) What market or markets can fill your trading orders as quickly as possible to give you a profitable trade.

2) What are the proven, exact trading setups and time frames to enter that market.

3) What is the exact, precision entry point that gives you the best chance of not getting stopped out and seeing the trades turn into consistent winners.

THE GOOD NEWS…..You can stop the pain of losing in trading today!

My Boomerang Day Trader, which trades all active higher volume futures markets,  provides all the important Key trading elements in a market that can fill your winning trades quickly.

Why spend years losing or breaking even to figure this out when I have done all the work for you? Now you can start winning in the markets right away if you can follow some simple rules and are a responsible, take charge type trader.

My Boomerang Day Trader is getting Rave Reviews

by the traders who have decided to step up to the plate and stop losing in trading . CHECK OUT THE TESTIMONIALS AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE UNDER ….”TESTIMONIALS

Our process is simple: Every Tuesday and Thursday I send out a new 5 minute video which recaps the previous 2 days trading sessions showing the winning trade setups that occurred on Boomerang Day Trader. I explain the simple rules right on the video which are the exact same rules that are in the Trading Handbook which comes with your purchase. I also offer regular free webinars in which you can ask me questions about Boomerang Day Trader before you make your small initial investment in the program.

Each video will contain a library of some of the previous videos so you can watch as many as you would like.

Once you decide you want to stop losing in trading and become a steady, winning trader then just purchase Boomerang Day Trader by clicking on the “Learn More about Boomerang Day Trader” link on the right. Scroll down the page and start your new trading career.

Be sure to Email me at Mohan@BoomerangTrader.com after you purchase so I can begin right away to assist you in getting off to a good start towards earning your purchase price back as quickly as possible through intelligent, winning trading with BDT.

All the best of success!
- Mohan