My new Ultra Boomerang will produce 90% winning trades….guaranteed! *

Dear Traders, I am going to do something that has not been done in our day trading futures industry before. I am going to make a guarantee that my new Ultra Boomerang Day Trader software will hand you 90% winning trade signals day after day, week after week and month after month on the Mini Nasdaq (NQ).

Watch the short introductory video below on futures trading strategy and LET ME SHOW YOU THE PROOF so you can see it for yourself. Then attend one of our Live Training webinars as a Guest (these are normally only for Boomerang Day Trader owners).

With a little bit of training from my bi weekly webinars and getting familiar with the simple rules that governs this guarantee you have the chance to make a tremendous amount of winning trades in your trade account.

What if you could wake up every day, go to your trading screen and have the confidence that you would make a steady stream of winning trades? How would that affect your lifestyle, your confidence, your relationship with your family and friends?

I have been in the industry offering trading services for over 14 years. With the release of my new Ultra Boomerang software a new level of accuracy in day trading software has been reached not seen in the industry before.

Trading is not an easy business, there are risks and only risk capital should be used. We all know or should know the required CFTC disclaimers. Be sure to read the complete CFTC disclosure at the bottom of this page.

However, I am sticking my neck out to show traders the proof of my new Ultra Boomerang Day Traders results and how you can also begin to radically improve your trading to make it easier and more profitable.

Please watch this short 5 minute introductory video on Ultra Boomerang Day Trader and the astounding 90% winning trade ratio that the software provides.

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Now keep in mind you most likely would not have taken each and every winning trade the system offered. But with an average of 6-8 trade setups a day trading just 2 contracts in a small 3-5K account you could potentially make up to $600-1000 a day.

My new Ultra Boomerang Day Trader is perfect for the small trader or someone just starting to learn about trading strategy. Why not start at the top with a system that is guaranteed to give 90% profitable signals?

If you are serious about futures trading you owe it to yourself to do what ever research is necessary to verify the results I am presenting here of Ultra Boomerang and start on a new career path to steady gains in your trading.

Here is your extended webinar showing the simple rules of Ultra Boomerang and the 90% winning trades.

* OUR GUARANTEE: The Ultra Boomerang Day Trader software is guaranteed to make up to +90% winning trades on a sampling of 30 or more sessions on the NQ contract (mini nasdaq futures). This is based on the software’s signals and on very exact and specific rules which are the guidelines for the trade setups. THIS GUARANTEE IS NOT BASED ON ANY INDIVIDUALS ABILITY TO TRADE THE SOFTWARE’S SIGNALS AND FOR SUCH INDIVIDUAL TO BE GUARANTEED TO MAKE 90% WINNING TRADES. Day Traders Action, Inc. cannot guarantee any individual traders skill, experience, emotional strength or weakness or the ability to follow exact rules under fast market conditions. THE GUARANTEE IS BASED ON THE ABILITY OF THE SOFTWARE to generate winning signals combined with the exact, precision rules that are required to be followed to deliver an extreme high degree of winning trade signals.